Before we discuss how Nexus Learning works. We have to understand how our education system works. Our education administrators set up guidelines and standards for our students, from nursery to high school. Our school teachers follow these guidelines and teach them to our students. In theory, every student is promoted to the next level should have mastered the skills taught for their grade level. Our students are expected to reinforce these skills through homework and real-world practices.

Existing Problems and Challenges

Schools teach our kids in a homogeneous fashion. Every kid gets the same curriculum and expected to learn at the same pace.

So, How can we benefit from Nexus Learning?

For After School Programs

Nexus Learning is designed as an educational system specifically for after school programs.

Our system utilizes big data and machine learning to track students’:

  1. learning behaviors and patterns through assessments
  2. classroom responses
  3. homework supports.

Our programs are aligned with the Department of Educations’ standards taught in school, to ensure a consistent learning environment.

The system is unintrusive and we do not replace teachers, instead, we are providing a tool for your child’s (afterschool) teachers and make their teaching more precisely and more effectively on your child.

For Parents

As a parent and as the most important educator of my child, homework and report card seems to be the main window into my child’s school. We get a generalized report card from school every few months and a short parent conference with the teachers. For those of you who agree this isn’t enough, Nexus Learning could help you bridge that gap.

For School Teachers

Nexus Learning keeps student’s school teachers engaged and updated. The same way we keep our parents up to date. We believe learning at home and outside of school is equally important. When your child needs additional help on a new topic, all parties involved should work together to achieve this common goal. It’s never has been this easy with Nexus Learning.


Homework Support

  • Individualized: NL makes individualized HW assistant and tracking possible without the cost of individualized tutoring classes. NL accurately tracks your child’s learning data (strengths, weakness, trends, growths, etc) with individualized analysis with peer learning data, we can create individualized learning plans and materials for your child dynamically align with his/her progress periodically.
  • Standards Aligned: NL will help after school teachers align each of your child’s homework with related academic standards and its difficulties.
  • Tracking: Not only by keeping the scores of right or wrong, but NL will also be able to analyze the time of each student on spending on each homework question to determine how difficult each academic standard relatively compare with peer students. We will also provide extra valuable information for teachers and parents to assess any abnormal situation of a child’s learning and growth.
  • Preventive Support: Because of NL daily evidence-based, individualized, accurate, and non-bias feedback and tracking, we can spot many learning issues almost in real-time, instead of waiting for your child’s monthly or quarterly report cards come back from school which is usually days or weeks after they finished tests. Imagine how much the learning gap and stress could be built up to your child, and how much more potential problems could be eliminated.


Accurately and timely reporting is teachers’ and parents’ best friend to see how kids were doing.

  • Real-time update: During each after school session,by using NL, it made possible and easy for our teachers to track your child’s detailed class behaviors, performances, and homework progress. Our system analyzed and report to teachers and parents instantly after each session.
  • Academic standing: Thanks to NL’s in-depth algorithm and with our broadly most current data, we can precisely estimate and locate where your child’s academic standing from the local, regional, statewide, or national level.
  • Preventive Notification: A new learning gap is like a fresh wound, if it doesn’t get treated right and early, it will cost more damages and complications. Because NL can spot your child’s signs and symptoms on his/her academic learning issues instantly, which is weeks or even months ahead of other students could be able to find out, we can address the problems with the fastest, the most precise, the most cost-effective and the least painful solutions.